Don’t you love it when I ruin your life

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You have god scars
They’re markings on the body
From creating life
Giving birth is the only way
To fight death
I can see the strength
In your stoic face
When you whirl winds
Around your waist
Staff in hand
That reaches from the earth
To the heavens
Battling all things this life brings
But you do it with grace
A dance
Transforming dead presidents
To a means to live
By seducing them to your will
I believe they call that
I was no exception
I offered you spirits
I felt it was fitting
For the way you lifted mine
Egyptian-esque attire
Golden head band
Collar bone dressed in full precious metals
Dance magic
Mystic movements
When you resonate to the music
Use it as a medium
To summon the same
Surge of the universe
I pen verses with
Conversing in
Cursive body language
Reading your beating heart
It’s rhythm blessed by beauty
During a solo dolo ballet
I give these stanzas
As bricks on my back
There’s a scarab beatle
Buzzing in my writing hand
When I hold your face
In my memory bank
A phynx roaring in my throat
When I recite
The nights you graced me
I pen these thoughts
Not because I create them
Language was here before me
But because I was simply
Handed the key to set them free
I let them go like locust
In hopes they fill in the silence
Of these desert nights
Just another man in the cracks
Of the pyramids
You build and break
Your body bruised
In the wake of all your defiance
To gravity
Even now
You stand middle finger tall
On pedistals you never asked for
Can feel the the eyes of men
Ready to swallow you whole
Should you fall
Staff in hand
You stand strong
Melania written across these walls
Pharoah fresh
Head and chest
Dressed in gold and god scars
Ciroc seaping from your lips
While you build these pyramids

Photo Set


The first Disney/ Tumblr gif set that caught my attention.

Would love to have a source.

Great remix nonetheless.


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"I Love You"s
With your name on them
Wrapped in the same revaltion
I put my first one in
I don’t kniw what to do with them
Giving them away
Seems so…
Counter productive to my moving on
I hope you’re enjoy this song
I wrote it in my exhaustion…


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